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Limited liability company (SRL)

Get started with as little as EUR 50 in share capital. This is the standard LLC similar to e.g. the UK Ltd.

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Joint stock company (SA)

If you are looking to setup a joint stock company the SA is the form to choose. Minimum share capital is EUR 25.000.

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Why incorporate in Romania?

Why incorporate in Romania?

  • Romania entered in the EU in 2007 and therefore you get access to the most lucrative markets of the EU with more than 100 million consumers
  • Get accesses to some of the cheapest labour and in the same time some of the best intellectual minds
  • No resident requirements for the management (including the CEO and the Board of Directors)
  • Company law that is in conformity with the current EU legislation
  • Flexible taxation of e.g. profits
  • By giving a power of attorney to our incorporation specialist no travel is required to form a new company in Romania


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Mihai Rosca
Mihai Rosca
Certified Public Accountant